Introduced to watercolours at a young age as a means to record all the interesting things collected during nature walks. It was the medium to return to when time allowed. It is not an easy medium to work with as mistakes are difficult to correct.

After about a year she introduced pastels, which appeal because of all the eye-catching colours.

Coloured pencils have developed greatly in recent years; although they can be a really slow medium to work with. Often been built with many layers tiny circles which have almost meditative quality when creating them. This can often involve complementary colours in the under layers and so a red tomato may start out as green.

Finally working in oils makes it easier to work on larger scale paintings.

The subjects that appeal most are those which seem to engage more senses than just one. Trying to capture the crispness of the apple skin combined with its aromatic smell or the silkiness of the flower petal contrasting with the dustiness of the pollen.

Also the childlike appeal of the magic in art, for example capturing the impression of a shiny surface by using a medium dry and dusty like pastel. Or the alternative making something look solid in a translucent medium like water colour.